Affinity Mapping

Affinity mapping is, at its heart, quite simple.  It's the act of placing similar things near each other and separating those that don't.  The idea is to start seeing patterns and themes in your qualitative data.

In practice, it's a bit messier than that.  Even if you're doing in on 4' x 8' boards. It is invaluable however, in dealing with the enormous amount of data that an average project will churn up if the research team is dedicated to writing down everything that is said or done in the research sessions.


A persona is a typical or archetypical person who represents the intended audience of your solution.  The persona serves two purposes:


Here's where we take all of that data, which can be quite messy, and start to craft it into information to be used by the rest of team.

Tools used in the Define Phase

  • Affinity Mapping: Used to analyze qualitative information
  • Statistical Methods: Used to analyze quantitative information

End Products of the Define Phase


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