Here's where we take all of that data, which can be quite messy, and start to craft it into information to be used by the rest of team.

Tools used in the Define Phase

  • Affinity Mapping: Used to analyze qualitative information
  • Statistical Methods: Used to analyze quantitative information

End Products of the Define Phase



How does the team know what its goals should be? To build a killer product or to rework how people interact in the system? How does the intricate knowledge of the real problems get merried up with potential types of solutions? We brainstorm together, pulling inspiration from ourselves and the outside world.

We have tools to accelerate this process, and allows our team to access knowledge and ideas that they ordinarily wouldn't be able to reach.

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Our Process

We think that you need to do all of the steps.  You don't necessarily have to do them with us, and you don't have to spend a million bucks on each ... but don't cut steps.  It's always really painful if you do.

How We Do It

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we like to bring everyone together.  Everyone has a different perspective, and if all of those perspectives can be focused on a common goal, the result is better than if anyone tried to go it alone. All knowledge counts.  Some comes from books.  Some comes from hands-on experience.  Some comes from asking questions. We are knowledge seekers ... we want it all.

To get at this knowledge, we think that process is really important, and everyone has a role in each process step. Our process consists of:

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