Moderators and mediators

OK, this just fried my brain, but I think I have it straight now.  In creating a predictive model, two relationships can be seen if a direct relationship between the predictor (x) and the outcome (z) cannot be observed.  In the case of mediation, a quasi-causal relationship can be established between predictor and mediator variable, and a quasi-causal relationship can be established between the mediator and outcome variable.  This is depicted in Figure 1 on the right.

The designtist - does such a beast even exist?

A dear friend and I started talking about building a site called "1000 bad ideas".  The idea is that a series of problems are thrown out to the community, and they are encouraged to submit designs that would solve it.  Any idea is fair game, and there is equal value in "good" and "bad" ideas.  The big idea is proliferation of ideas which will be pruned and combined, used for inspiration or tossed aside to ultimately create a solution. This is a macrocognitive version of my personal design process.

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