How We Do It

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we like to bring everyone together.  Everyone has a different perspective, and if all of those perspectives can be focused on a common goal, the result is better than if anyone tried to go it alone. All knowledge counts.  Some comes from books.  Some comes from hands-on experience.  Some comes from asking questions. We are knowledge seekers ... we want it all.

To get at this knowledge, we think that process is really important, and everyone has a role in each process step. Our process consists of:

Dream: Determing what our solution is all about: what are our goals?

Discover: Collecting data to get the details about what the people, tools, and environement that we're designing a solution for

Define: Making sense of all that data, so that all of the folks on the team can understand it and use it in their work

Design: Creating and painstakingly describing the solution that will achieve our goal