iPad classroom + AirPlay = Holy !@#$

I just read this quick article and video about a project management class at Notre Dame that gave iPads to all of the students and wants the class to be "All iPad" ... the textbook is delivered as an eBook, students can take notes, or do whatever else they want with it.

An All iPad Classroom - PSFK

Moving further with Design Research

There is a new wave of researchers, designers, and businesspeople that are moving forward with UCD ... or maybe breaking it (depending on your perspective).  Taking a neutral stand when delivering products based on users' current goals is not enough ... how can we positively affect behavior with the products that we  produce?  This article is a great primer on Persuasion, Catalyst, and Performance Design.

Design with Intent - design mind on GOOD - GOOD

What's going on (inside) here?

Both of my boys love to examine things.  See how they tick.  Emerson, our youngest, started this fascination young.  He's 13 months now, but has been poring over objects (toys, bath soap dispensers, his brother's toys, etc.) since birth.  At least, that's what it seems like.  He pulls stuff apart methodically, tries to see how it works, then tries to put it back together.

"Designers do not create experiences, we create artifacts to experience."

Just read a great article on how we as designers get a God complex about our designs. And how that often sucks for the folks that buy our stuff.
The Experience belongs to the User - 52 Weeks of UX

How (infuriatingly) true! All we can do as designers (and developers) is
put something into the world.  With discipline, experience, and a
little luck, it will be enjoyed.  But that experience is not going to be
the exact one that we envisioned or designed.

21st Century Textbook

I really get geeked out when we start talking about new technologies removing barriers in the energy, education, and healthcare fields (among others).  This article certainly counts.  21st century textbooks won't (can't!) just be pdf's ... we have the ability to reduce the time from authoring to consumption, we have the ability to create educational experiences, and we have the responsibility to make those experiences:

Very helpful cross-cultural color guide

I'm not a visual designer, and we have long ago abandoned our ego about Viz Design here at Cogenisys, but even we have had to search out and understand how different colors are interpreted by different cultures worldwide.  This looks to be a great resource to do just that. I'm taking the designer's word for it that they got the colors right ... any issues that you see?

Colours In Cultures | Information Is Beautiful

Choose your Adventure Wireframes?

Really interesting article about having creating Choose Your Own Adventure Wireframes as a balance between static wireframes deck and a full-on prototype.  Hmm.. Balsamiq might be great for this!

Wireframes Magazine » Nonlinear Books

Ethnography on the iPhone

How cool is this? Answer: I don't know until I actually try it.  But it sounds incredibly.  Wonder if I can take video on my non-3GS phone?

Ethnography app debuts on iTunes store | News | Research

UK— Research agency Everyday Lives has launched its iPhone-based ethnographic research app on Apple’s iTunes store – and revealed that a Blackberry version is in the works.

Healthcare: Quick video on HL7

Great little video about HL7 - helps all of us that want to learn more!

How does HL7 work? - iNTERFACEWARE

Modeling and Change of Perspective

This is a fantastic movie showing the universe starting with the Himalayas, moving to the outer bounds of the universe, then back to Earth.  All of it is astronomically accurate!

For us design geeks, check out the seamless transition between frames of reference. How do you adequately show the Earth's features, the solar system, the zodiac, the Milky Way, the mapped galaxies, and the known universe in the same movies (and make it look like "one take")? And it's not just zoom.

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